First thoughts first

Since joining SoDA at Curtin, I’ve spent some time exploring with many of you the possible future for graphic design and creative advertising. We’ve discussed everything from course coordination and organisation to pedagogy and practice to history and theory. All of us have agreed on the many principles of what we think constitutes credible research and meaningful education for our students (and for our staff).

The ‘manifesto’ presented in my first contribution to newGD is – lets make this clear – really a set of hypothesis that I’d like us to test over the coming weeks and months. Manifesto seems like a far too lofty description of the artefact that otherwise might be described as a ‘course philosophy’, a ‘mantra’ or a ‘framework’ for the new GD at Curtin. For now we’ll stick with it until we find a better nomenclature for what will, I hope, become a plan of action in the next year or so.

Read it. Comment on it. Contribute to it.

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