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The Design Big Bang: Mapping the expansion of the design universe

Over the coming months I’ll be sharing ideas towards a project that I have embarked on which will explore the development of design paradigms through the ages. Such an endeavour will not be without it’s philosophical, political and practical challenges, but in the meantime I’m embedding a KnightLab-generated timeline that I’m authoring using their hugely helpful Timeline JS.

I’ll be adding to the timeline over the coming months, which will form a framework for a forthcoming book on design paradigms. The book itself is unlikely to adopt a purely chronological or encyclopaedic approach, but a timeline looks like an easy starting point.

A more useful tool may be a social network graph, but that’s for another day. In the meantime, check the latest iteration of the timeline below:

You can check back regularly over the days and months to see the emergent design paradigms framework.

If the timeline does not render on your browser then try linking to here:

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